What we do


At Marriott’s we can offer the latest in digital and film processing services available to you through our newly installed Kodak Apex lab and self service kiosk. Our reproduction facilities have been enhanced by the addition of a EPSON 24″ colour printer.

We can print digital images from memory cards, CD,DVD, mobile phones and even Facebook.  We also provide a traditional developing and  printing service for both 35mm and 120 black&white or colour roll-film.  In addition we can enlarge your images and also recreate them on canvas prints up to a maximum 60″ x 40″ (150cm x 100cm).   If you have cine film or video we can transfer them to DVD.

Our ‘while you wait’ photo service includes passport, visa application photos perfectly processed to HM Passport Office standards for size and positioning etc together with driving licence and identity photos for all ages and nationalities for only £7.50. 

If you’re applying online for passports or visas our iDStation system will provide you with an automatically processed, perfect digital copy of your photo valid for all major countries to the approved international standard for biometric data enabled passports together with the upload retrieval code for the issuing authority for only £7.50.


As you would expect we also stock a wide range of photographic and optical equipment, a large range of gadget bags, memory cards, tripods & accessories.  We stock a range of digital Compact, Bridge & SLR cameras together with lenses and accessories.  Terrestrial and astronomical telescopes, binoculars and spotting scopes also stocked.  Secondhand and collectable cameras are bought and sold.

Our repair service undertakes digital Sensor cleaning, digital and traditional Camera and Binocular repairs.